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Basic Infrared Thermography

Jadwal Pelatihan Basic Infrared Thermography

25 - 27 Februari 2020FOX Harris City Center HotelBandung


This course is designed to enable participants to achieve a through knowledge of the relevant theories and equipment operation necessary to perform quality infrared inspections. By obtaining a through understanding of the fundamental concepts and theories of this technology, participant will develop a method of thinking required to accurately evaluate temperature related problems for almost any application.

Participant will learn how to use their specific brand of IR equipment; make accurate temperature and emissivity measurements; perform an inspection; account for small object size, distance and reflectivity; collect, analyse and document thermal data; write reports, implement a programme and market your services.



1. Introduction to Infrared Thermography

2. Basic Thermal and Infrared Physics

3. Basic Heat Transfer

  • Conduction Fundamentals; Fourier’s Law; Conductivity & Resistance Basics
  • Convection Fundamentals; Newton’s Law of Cooling; Radiation Fundamentals
  • Film Co-Efficient/Film Resistance Basics; Stephan Boltzmann Law (Concept)
  • Radiosity Concepts; Reflectance, Transmittance, Absorbance, Emmittance
  • Radiometry and Imaging; Spatial Resolution Concepts
  • Error Potential in Radiant Measurement

4. The Electromagnetic Spectrum

  • Waves; Visible Lights, Wave Length Bands, Atmospheric Transmission

5. Infrared Camera Introduction

  • Thermography Defined; How Images Work; Equipment Overview & Features; Operation of Equipment
  • Select The Best Perspective; Image Area and Lens Selection; Use of Filters; Optimizing the Image
  • Infrared Image and Documentation; Clarity (Spatial Focus); Thermal Focus; Dynamic Range

6. Radiation Energy Exchange

  • Exchange Modes, Incident Radiation, Exitant Radiation

7. Thermal Image Interpretation

  • Camera Principal; Visual vs Infrared
  • Thermal Image; Apparent Temperature and Emissivity
  • Recognizing and Dealing with Reflections; Recognizing and Dealing with Convection
  • Support Data Collection; Environmental Data Collection emittance; Surface Modification
  • Surface Reference Temperature; Support Equipment for Infrared Inspections

8. Thermal Image Analysis Techniques

  • Thermal Gradient
  • Camera Tools for Pattern Enhancement; Isotherm, Palettes
  • Compensation for Distance and Small Object Size; Field Quantification
  • Image Analysis

9. Qualitative and Quantitative

  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Fault Classification Criteria

10. Infrared Application Overview

  • Electrical Inspections; Mechanical Inspections; Furnace Inspections
  • Detecting Thermal Anomalies in Thermal Resistance, Insulation and Refractory, Thermal Capacitance, Roof Moisture Surveys, Physical State, Gas/Liquid, Liquid/Solid Vessel Levels, Fluid Flow, Tube Blockages, Friction, Bearings, Gears, Belts, Exothermic/Endothermic Condition, Electrical Resistance, Insulation Voids

11. Infrared Measurement Techniques

  • Temperature Measurements
  • Performing Accurate Temperature/Emissivity Measurements
  • Compensation for Distance and Small Object Size; Field Quantification
  • Checking Equipment Calibration

12. Report Generation

  • IR Software – Generic Overview
  • Elements of a Good Report; Page Layouts
  • Database Program; Printing

13. Field Assignment




Case Study




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